The sacraments form a central celebration of the different stages of our life and faith, and are special moments when we receive grace, the free and wonderful gift of God’s unchanging love.

In the sacrament of reconciliation God welcomes us back with open arms when we choose to return to Him after walking away, no matter how briefly or prolonged.

Children who are in Year 3 and above at school are invited to enrol for preparation to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion over 9-12 weeks. Our hope is that the programme gives the opportunity for young people and their families to grow in faith and love, and to develop their relationship with God and each other. Showing an interest in the programme does not commit anyone to receiving the sacrament but provides an opportunity to come and see.

Parents are the most influential teachers to their children and the programme aims to encourage the faith of parents who will then help their children to prepare to receive the sacraments. Many parents have often found this preparation time to be an excellent opportunity to ask questions within a small group without fear of judgement. Please feel free to ‘come and see.’

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