Bidding Prayers May 26th 2019
Sixth Sunday of Easter

The response to the intercessions is: Lord, hear our prayer

For the Church…
That the Church may rejoice in that diversity which is born of the Spirit, gladly entering into communion with all who seek the Lord.

After each of the intercessions there will be a pause for prayer and the priest will say: Let us pray to the Lord

For the world…
That upon all who work for unity among the nations, the Holy Spirit may bestow that peace which the world cannot give.

For those in need…
That those whose hearts are troubled and afraid may find comfort in the peace Jesus gives to us.

For our diocese, our own parish family and the Christian community in Seaford…
That we may experience the Lord among us always, living in the Spirit given to each of us when were called in Baptism.

For those members of our parish family who are unwell, and those not able to be with us today…..
We pray for those who are unwell or housebound, in nursing homes, the hospitals and the hospice……….We pray for those who have gone before us in faith, our loved ones and all others whose anniversaries occur at this time.

For our own needs, we pray in the silence of our hearts., remembering the prayers placed in our Book of Intercessions and on the parish prayer line.

We now seek the intercession of Our Blessed Lady….Hail Mary….

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