Bidding Prayers March 24th 2019
Third Sunday of Lent

For the Church….
As we, God’s people strive to follow him faithfully, aware of our weakness and failings and aware of his constant care, compassion and haling love.

After each of the intercessions there will be a pause for prayer and then the priest will say: Let us pray to the Lord.

For the world
That our prayers may be heard for peace where there is war and conflict, and for the relief of suffering where there are natural disasters…….

For our nation in time of decision….
That the good of local and national communities may be placed before personal feelings and desires so that our nation will be healed of division and united in a sincere search for all that right and good and true.

For our diocese, our parish family and the Christian community in Seaford….
That with the leadership of our Bishop, priests and deacons, parishes may flourish and be examples of faith to inspire all other Christian communities.

For those who have died….
That our thoughts and prayers may heal our grieving and help those who have died to reach eternal happiness.

For our own needs we pray in the silence of our hearts, remembering also the prayers placed in our book of intercessions and on the parish prayer line…..

For the intercession of Our Blessed Lady we pray …. Hail Mary, full of grace….

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