Bidding Prayers November 11th 2018
Thirty Second Sunday of the Year

The response to the intercessions is: Lord, hear our prayer

For the Church….
That the Church may generously share its material and spiritual resources, trusting the Lord to provide for all its needs…

After each of the intercessions there will be a pause and then the priest will say: Let us pray to the Lord.

For the world….
On this Remembrance weekend we pray that the Lord will purify the inmost hearts of the leaders of nations and direct their thoughts to peace. We commend to the Lord’s love and mercy those who have died or now suffer as the result of war and conflict….

For our local community…..
That we may be transformed by the blessings we receive in this Eucharist, learning to feed the hungry as the Lord has graciously fed us..

For the Christian community in Seaford and our own parish family….
That the Lord will teach how to live in the spirit of true service that will lead us to treat each other care, respect and humility….

For our beloved departed….
That those who gathered to celebrate Eucharist with us in this life may celebrate forever the fulfilment of the paschal feast in the kingdom of heaven…

We now seek the intercession of Our Blessed Lady…… Hail Mary….

We now pray for our own particular needs in the silence of our hearts


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