Bidding Prayers September 23rd 2018
Twenty Fifth Sunday of the Year

The response to the intercessions is: Lord, hear our prayer

For the Church….
That those in positions of leadership in the life of Church and its worship may learn to be servants of all……

After each of the intercessions there will be a pause and then the priest will say: Let us pray to the Lord.

For the world
That where there is disharmony, peacemakers will sow seeds which will bear fruit in holiness…..

For the families….
That family life, particularly that of our own families, may be blessed by God with deepening love, mutual respect and lasting fidelity.

For our diocese, the Christian community in Seaford and our own parish family….
That we may be concerned not with our own desires but the needs of others so that we may all grow in strength, wisdom and gentleness….

For our beloved departed….
May they be like children before God in heaven, forever laughing, secure in his presence……

We now seek the intercession of Our Blessed Lady…… Hail Mary….

We now pray for our own particular needs in the silence of our hearts……..



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