Bidding Prayers May 13th 2018
Sunday of Easter 

The response to the intercessions is: Lord, hear our prayer

For the Church….
That God’s holy people, sent into the world to bear witness, may be protected from harm and sanctified in the truth….

After each of the intercessions, there will be a pause for prayer and the priest will then say: Let us pray to the Lord.

For those in need….
That Christians may eek out those who feel unloved or neglected, so bearing witness to the God who is love.

For those of our parish family soon to be baptized or received into the family of the Church…
That as they prepare for the coming of the Spirit into their lives, Joseph, Pat, Millie, Stewart, Billy, Dean and Rafferty allow the Lord to bring to fulfilment the work he has begun in them.

For our diocese, the Christian community in Seaford and our own parish family…
That our various communities may bear witness to the truth that because God has loved us so we must love one another.

For our beloved departed…
That our loved ones who have died may have Christ’s joy made complete in them.

In the silence of our hearts we place our personal prayers before the Lord, remembering also the prayers placed in our book of intercession and the parish prayer line….

We now seek the intercession of Our Blessed Lady….Hail Mary….

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