Bidding Prayers July 22nd 2018
Sixteenth Sunday of the Year

The response to the intercessions is: Lord, hear our prayer

For the Church….
That those chosen to shepherd the Lord’s flock, especially Pope Francis, Bishop Richard and the priests and deacons of our diocese may attend with compassion to the needs of all….

After each of the intercessions there will be a pause and then the priest will say: Let us pray  to the Lord.

For the world….
That nations and peoples may be reconciled to each other and that Christ be our peace, putting an end to the hostility that divides us……

For those who proclaim the gospel at home and abroad….
That missionaries, catechists and teachers who have given their lives to the service of the gospel may be strengthened in their work and see the fruitful results of their endeavours. ….

For our parish family and the Christian community in Seaford….
That we who have been brought near to God and each other through the blood of Christ may proclaim to all the peace God has bestowed upon us…..

For our beloved departed….
That those the Good Shepherd has gathered to himself may live for ever in His fold..

Let us now make our personal prayer in the silence of our hearts, remembering the prayers laced in our book of intercessions and on the parish prayer line…. 

We now seek the intercession of Our Blessed Lady…..


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