Praying and Working for God and Each Other in Our Parish and Community:

Responding to God’s Love at St Thomas More Part of the Christian Community in Seaford

The following may just seem like the usual list of tasks that happen in all churches to one degree or another.  Let me invite you to look at them in a different way: every person behind these pieces of information offers them as a service to you, personally, and in thanksgiving to God for His love for each of us.

As we are made in the image of God, then we are called to be as He is: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; united.  Our Father is the creator and we reflect this through ongoing renewal, prayer, liturgy, making the house of God fitting for His worship, and creating peace in our lives and the world around us.  In the image of the Son, we proclaim God’s word to those we meet and we act as servant to each other and our neighbour, bringing healing, love and hope.   The Holy Spirit is the love that binds Father and Son together.  It is the Holy Spirit within us that empowers us to reach out joyfully to others in love, enabling us to serve each other even when we feel hurt, tired or overwhelmed.

To those of you who do all this on our behalf – a heartfelt thank you.  For those who seek help, please use the phone numbers to receive support from your parish family. For those of you who wish to join us or who are unsure of your place in our parish – use the information to explore further your response to God’s love.  Most of all, please pray for us all, that the work of our Church leads to the glory of God. Without Him, our efforts are limited; with Him, we have endless opportunities.


 If you ever wish to join our parish family when we gather for prayer and worship, we would be delighted to see you.

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 Prayer is one of the most intimate encounters we have with God.  It can be silent, spontaneous, heartfelt, troubled or excited but most of all, it is about our own, unique and personal relationship with God.  We have a dedicated prayer ministry and a number of prayer groups in the parish; some are presented below.  Whether you find it difficult or a natural part of your daily life, there is someone here with whom you can pray or who will pray for you.

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The sacraments form a central celebration of the different stages of our life and faith, and are special moments when we receive grace, the free and wonderful gift of God’s unchanging love.

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God has a unique role for each of us.  Some of us spend time in deep prayer and reflection of what this might be, others simply seem to know. Whichever our route, we live in the present and where we are today is where God has placed us to be. Our vocation, our action for Him is now….  We may never find out what God has called us to do; we can only be Christ to each other at this very moment. Only He knows the name that He has given us; as we discern our place in His world, here are some other ways our parish family have responded.

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Families relax and enjoy life when they come together for social events.  Scripture shows us that socialising was very much a part of Jesus’ life, too.  The social life of the parish family here at St Thomas More is thriving and will grow even more over the coming year.

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And finally……….

We have not included some roles that support the parish.  However, if you wish to know more, do contact the people listed below:

Parish Priest:  Fr Ian Byrnes 01323 892427

Deacon Colin Purchase 01323 897910

Parish Sisters: Sr Marcelline 01323 896954

Parish Pastoral Assistant:

Parish Secretary: Mary Purchase 01323 892427

Publicity Officer: vacant

Finance: Fr Ian Byrnes 01323 892427

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